Megashare: Online Streaming Versus Theaters

Drawbacks of Watching in Cinemas

If you are a movie buff, I think you would relate when someone is complaining about long queueing lines for tickets, as well as for drinks and popcorn in the theaters. In addition, it is also a bother every time you have to turn off your cellphone every time you watch movies in the theater. However, with the introduction of the Internet technology on the market today, watching movies have now several possibilities.

Before you can only watch the latest movies in the theater, however, you have to experience those drawbacks first before you could sit inside the theater. Another point is that it is costly. But with the Internet technology in front of us, it is now possible to avoid these drawbacks. First of all, you need not spend any money. Usually, movies in the theater would cost a lot especially if it is a latest and blockbuster. But with the Internet, you need only to have a good Internet connection to watch them. There are several online sites for movies, such as the megashare8, where you will an opportunity of watching some of your favorite movies and series without paying anything.

You need only to wait for at least three days after the movie was launched, then it will be automatically available in the different movie sites on the Internet. With this, you need not spend any money for tickets and experience those long queueing lines for movie tickets.

Albeit some would say that these technologies lack the ambiance of the theater, however, with the current development of the technologies in our society, it is now possible to make your own theater. This is normally referred as Home Theater System. Basically, you are just utilizing the current technologies on the market today in order to make your own theater at your house.


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