Where Free Sites Get Their Funds

Pop-up advertisements and new tabs opening can be annoying because you need to close them every time since they can slow down the data processing and even block your main screen. But, these advertisements paid the website so that they will be able to promote their store or company for the sake of profit. You can find more details on watch movies online on the site watchmoviesonline9.

That is why some of the websites that allows you to watch movies online will contain some of them since they are usually free, and they need to have some source of funds to get their website going. But, how else are they going to get some funds?

Sources Of Money

  • Donation – sometimes, a website would place a donation side where people have the decision whether they are going to give or not and how much they are going to provide. As much as possible, for the patrons of the website, they can donate with at least a dollar or two, and this can make a huge difference already
  • Pop-ups – as it was mentioned, this is another way for them to get money since the companies pay them to be able to promote on their site. But, then again, it’s not that safe as a website since it allows third-parties to access them freely.
  • Owners – apparently, since the uploaded videos are owned by the main creators of the website, it means that they don’t have to spend that much on the website, aside from the maintenance and upgrades.
  • Number of visits – the number of people visiting their site can indicate how popular they can be. Once they reach the top ranks, some people will be interested to sponsor them and provide them money to keep up the website. Also, some CEO companies might also take the opportunity to bid for the price so that they can buy the whole website itself.
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